PRESENTERS — Promotional STANDS for promotions with the participation of trained personnel are portable advertising equipment installed in stores, supermarkets, in the places of the action.

Promotion stands - the Central part of any advertising campaign - are very popular and in demand due to their efficiency, convenience and mobility. Branded promotional tincture is a good investment in the promotion of the brand, as well as a significant and very memorable emphasis on the advertised product. Even in the absence of a promoter promotion its win-win option for advertising the product.

The main purpose of the stand is:
selection of the advertised product or brand (brand) among a large number of similar products
attracting the attention of the customer
the stimulation of the selection process and consumer interest
creation and consolidation of associative visual images of the advertised products or brand in the mind of the buyer at the level of images.

Promotional stand is the most beneficial for special promotions, that are help in sale points:
product demonstrations
thematic exhibitions, performances
giving out (extra letter) samples
sales of goods at a discount
gifts and bonuses to customers who have made a purchase for a certain amount
discounts on other products of this line to buyers who bought the promoted goods


Small individual shops, can be seen in large shopping centers, decorated in the same style of the product and lable they sell

Today, shop— in-shop is an ideal place for the sale of goods and services, especially for those who do not need a large store, and, accordingly, expensive rent, or who have a small range of products.

Due to the great competition, each manufacturer or company wants to stand out among the many analogues, in this case, a separate island in the store, will help to do it. The design of the brand zone in the corporate style of the company, in which the products of one brand are sold, leads to interest from consumers, and the reduction of competition, since your product is on the counter on a separate showcase.

Registration of sales points is ordered for the sale of various goods and services — it can be both food and industrial products. For example, it can be Islands with food or island of sale of apartments or cars.

Advertising structures, dedicated zones, places of sale of goods, United by one brand or brand, located inside the store or mall and designed to highlight the goods are usually equipped as separate trade zones. Shop-in-shop is equipped with almost a full range of commercial equipment, specially designed for one or more brands, including the display of goods, racks, counters, cash area, as well as a full range of POS materials that make certain shop stand out and attract the buyer to a particular brand.




TRADE AND EXHIBITION EQUIPMENT includes commercial furniture and a variety of structural and design elements, with which you can present the product in the most favorable and convenient perspective. The "content and form" of any retail space should motivate to male a purchase. As a rule, this equipment is also used for advertising purposes (drawing a logo, slogan, placement of banner stretching, information tablet, etc.). e.) and events – exhibitions, presentations, testing, conferences and seminars, sampling. The latter implies another requirement: it should be easz to install and transport.

During the manufacture process of such multifunctional equipment both traditional and modern materials of different textures are used: wood, veneer, chipboard and MDF, plastic, light metals, colored films, fabric, glass. At the location of trade and exhibition equipment is floor and wall; for use-stationary and mobile; for design – standard and exclusive; the structure – one - and multi-level.

By design features all demonstration equipment is divided into 2 large groups: furniture and systems for equipment. The present furniture showcases, counters, shelves and stands. The term "systems for demonstration equipment" combines many structural components that are used both independently and in different combinations with commercial furniture and each other. This group includes a variety of fasteners, accessories, holders, supports, storage, holders, hooks, baskets, hangers and hangers, trolleys, guides made of chrome pipes, a variety of profiles, mesh structures (shelves, hitches, containers, economy panels).

The potential of trade and exhibition equipment is huge. But to use it fully, every detail should be carefully thought out. After all, the perception of the client is affected by everything, and some "trifle" can have a great influence not only on the overall impression, but also the desire to make a purchase.


RECEPTION — Reception Desk is not just a necessary attribute for faster and more convenient registration. In the modern world, the reception is a sign of a solid and serious organization. Due to reception you will be able to make a positive impression on the visitor. By its design, the reception can be of different shapes and sizes. It all depends on the area of the room, the direction of the organization, as well as the number of administrators. Conditionally it is possible to distinguish five types.

U-shaped racks. These are straight structures, fenced on both sides by corners.
Straight posts. They are often connected to other interior items.
Corner posts. This type of design is most often used as an additional adaptation to straight posts. At the same time they can also stand apart.
The arcuate rack. The design has its own characteristics, thanks to which administrators are always turned to visitors.
Closed racks. This type is best suited for shopping centers and motor shows. They can be square, rectangular and round.
Also, the stand can have its own design features. Materials for manufacturing are very different-metal, plastic, glass, tile. The type of reception depends on the client's wishes.