PLEXIGLASS (ACRYLIC GLASS, ACRYLIC)— lightweight durable plastic, with a number of unique properties that make it indispensable in the production of advertising constructions, trade equipment and P. O. S. materials.
Nowadays it is difficult to imagine trading halls, sales offices or exhibition stands, in the design of which Plexiglas products are not used. Stands for products and printing, racks, dispensers, demonstrators, displays, shelves, mini-Windows, shelves, holders of information leaflets and price tags, all kinds of signs— this is not all possible options for using acrylic glass. Also, plexiglass is a practically non-alternative material for the manufacture of light boxes, three-dimensional letters and neon advertising.

Racks made of Plexiglas

Effective and inexpensive pos materials that have found wide application in the design of sales points: in sales areas, offices, presentations and exhibitions. Stands made of Plexiglas are divided into stands for printed products and stands for goods

STANDS FOR goods made of PLEXIGLAS - a pos materials, contributing to the visual demonstration of the goods to the buyer and the most effective use of space retail space. It can be a universal stand for laying out any product (mini-showcases, shelves, slides), and supports designed specifically for a particular type of goods. In a separate item is to provide stands for phones and similar mobile devices (players, cameras, GPS navigators). No electronics store can not do without specialized stands made of Plexiglas for a visual demonstration of such products.
Also the jewelry stands found wide application. Light elegant stands for rings, chains, jewelry sets, made of transparent Plexiglas contribute to the most spectacular display of jewelry in the windows of jewelry stores.

  • The phone stand
  • Mobile devices,
  • Jewelry
    and jewelry stands
  • Stationery stands
    and table accessories
  • Dishes Stands

  • Shoes, clothes, accessories (belts, bags, ties) stand
  • Food stands, displays and dispensers

PLEXIGLAS PRINTED MATERIALS HOLDERS. POS materials for placement, demonstration and distribution of advertising materials, booklets, leaflets, brochures, etc., supports for printing can be used for giving out brochures (dispensers, brochure holder, floor stand, pouch pockets) and for demonstration of advertising materials (displays, holders, demonstrators, flat pockets).
The most common examples are:
• Holders of information (info-holder, show-card) - stands for the demonstration of replacement sheets, whether it is an information leaflet, business card, price list, price tag or printed sheet of text • Booklets (leaflet, leaflet-holders) — stand for demonstration and distribution of advertising booklets, leaflets and printed promotional materials.

  • Information holders (info holder,
    show card)
  • Holders (levitici,
    leaflet holders)

Development and production of Plexiglas products

The company «East-West» perfectly mastered the technology of processing of acrylic glass: laser cutting, milling, thermogen, vacuum forming, gluing, engraving, screenprint and surfaces appliance. We work with Plexiglas of any color, transparency and thickness. We are ready to take on non-standard and complex tasks, having a wealth of experience in such projects. We have a catalog of typical pos-materials made of Plexiglas with calculated runs and prices, presented below in this section.