No modern sale point can do without functional and reliable trade and service equipment. Trade stands, demonstrators, expositors, displays, allowing optimal use of the retail space and demonstrating the " product face — - one of the most essential and common P. O. S. materials

The main purpose of trade stands and display stands is the organization of the sales point space, a visual demonstration and convenient delivery of products to the buyer. Also important are advertising and informing functions and trade stands, providing convenient search and separating the product from plenty of similar competing products. Presenters convey advertising and information function.

The «East-West» company has long-term experience of development and production of trade and service racks. In our projects we use plastics, aluminum composites, glass, metal, wood, chipboard, MDF; applied technologies 3-d milling, laser cutting and engraving, vacuum forming, screen printing and direct UV print on hard surfaces.

Trade stands
with metal frame
Trade stands
of chipboard, MDF
Stands «sail»
stand example
stand example
stand example
Trade stands
with metal frame

The trade stand, as a rule, is a rack for laying out the goods, designed according to the guidelines for visual identification of the brand of the exhibited products. The proportions, dimensions, materials, colors of the drain and its elements can vary in wide ranges depending on the requirements.

The frame of the rack.

As a rule, it is a welded metal structure with the possibility of a chaotic or complete Assembly/disassembly.

Pillar Toper.

Flat or three-dimensional element of any size, shape and color. Materials: plastics, Plexiglas, MDF, metal, Plexiglas, chipboard, composites.


Chipboard, MDF, metal, plastics. It is possible to provide an adjustable height and a replaceable number of shelves.


Typically, aluminum composites, chipboard, MDF, Plexiglas, polystyrene or PVC plastics with direct full-color UV printing or applique.

stand example
stand example
stand example
Trade racks chipboard

Franeless stand collected on furniture screeds. A wide palette of colors of the surface of chipboard. Such racks are usually made completely collapsible, which makes them convenient for storage and transportation. Putting images on surfaces using direct UV printing, stiching full color image, by kneading or vinyl application.

stand example
stand example
stand example
Sail stand displays

Racks of this type are usually used for the layout of printed products or small goods. "Sails", as a rule, are equipped not with shelves, but pockets made of Plexiglas or a metal rod, or hooks for hanging products. Frames of such racks, usually folding or collapsible, are made of metal profile pipe or thick PVC plastics. The facades of the stands plastic, perforated sheet metal, plexiglass.

stand example
stand example
Creative solution

It is not necessary to get attached to the usual technologies and standard moves in the manufacture of trade and service equipment. New materials and creative solutions can significantly expand the functionality of POS materials and improve their appearance.

Polygraphy stands

Universal marketing tool- stands for advertising or information messages. As a rule, these are compact prefabricated structures that can be easily moved from place to place. Our range and new generation information racks under the multimedia device. Such structures can be not only mobile, but also stationary, for example, attached to the wall.

The company Vostok-Zapad produces quality information and promotional stands from acrylic, plastic and metal.

In our catalog you can choose options according to different needs:

light and inexpensive designs with frames for double-sided paper insert; stylish and reliable information stands for creating tablet kiosks and terminals; functional products with trays for leaflets or catalogs, with pockets, with holders under the banner; spectacular lighting of the model. Many advertising racks can be made with both horizontal and vertical frames. It is also possible to choose other sizes of components, order the design of products. If you need original information stands-non-standard shape, size and configuration, we are ready to make them for you on the basis of available modules or on an exclusive design project.



To place a lot of small goods on the display case, special dosing structures are used-the so-called dispensers. Such designs are convenient and practical – but this is not their only advantage. The use of dispensers for window dressing is an excellent marketing move aimed at increasing the attractiveness of the product and contributing to the growth of sales. Depending on the principle of operation and design features dispensers are divided into two categories: Dosing dispenser is designed to accommodate the goods in bulk and convenient dosing of small products. The design is equipped with a doorway through which the buyer takes the goods. The opening can be opened or closed with a flap/door. Dispenser for bulk is equipped with a spatula. Loading of goods into the dispenser is carried out through the lid located at the top of the structure. Dispenser-organizer. Small piece goods are placed not in bulk, but in separate cells. The design allows you to order a large number of items to arrange them in the most attractive way. Dispensers of this type can have any number of cells of different shapes (round, oval, square, triangular, rectangular).

Metering devices are used to place the following products:

  • Candy and other confectionery
  • Souvenir production
  • Bijouteries
  • Stationery
  • Snacks,
    bulk products
  • Medical materials-Shoe covers, gloves, napkins, towels, medicines in pharmacies
  • Drinks


The systems of organization of the shelf space (plastic shelf dividers of goods, back supports for goods, spring pushers) have already become the standard of design of modern stores. Providing an ideal product layout and order on the shelf, they minimize the costs of retail chains on the staff in the trading floor, divide the goods on the shelf, help to easily identify the sold items, reduce the level of losses from overdue goods.

A wide range of shelf dividers of different heights, lengths and types allows to optimally and cost-effectively complete the shelves to maximize sales growth and reduce costs. We have accumulated a lot of experience in the use of shelf dividers in stores of different types and we will be happy to help you choose the best complete set of shelf separators, spring pushers, price holders or other POS (POS) materials.

Shelf dividers and systems of delivery of goods to the edge of the shelf, presented in this section, provide an ideal order on the shelf and an ordered display of goods even during peak hours. A wide selection in our catalog allows you to choose a solution for products of different heights and shelves of different sizes.


On a stand
On clamp


The word "Wobbler is a type of POS material, which has a small size and attractive design that is attached to any surface with an invisible plastic tape using double-sided tape. The main distribution of advertising lures received in retail locations. According to psychologists, it is a bright picture, which is constantly in motion allows attracts special attention and is perfectly preserved in the subconscious of potential buyers.

Wobblers are a mini-suspension, which is fixed in any convenient place of the counter, cash, walls, shelves or fences with a convenient flexible legs. Double-sided tape perfectly supports a colorful picture that sways under the air flow and attracts the attention of the client. Today, wobblers are mostly often used in combination with other types of POS products.

Area of usage of wobblersis so big at the moment that its possible to see them in cafes and restaurants, retail establishments, markets, in shops, in banks and insurance companies, shops, street shops, even at railway stations and railway ticket offices.


MOBILES-POS-material consisting of a flat or three-dimensional advertising image suspended from the ceiling with a special suspension system. The most common are rectangular and shaped mobiles, which are made of cardboard. It can be a poster on a rigid basis, a fake package or the product itself, but the main advantage of mobile is that it is visible from afar and does not take up much space in the trading floor. Despite the simplicity, mobiles as advertising unit have an extensive list of benefits that are relevant in any store:

- easy to manufacture;
- easy to install and operate;
- lightweight design due to the low weight of the printed materials:
foam Board, micro corrugated Board, cardboard, thin sheet plastics;
- do not require special care (wet cleaning is enough);
- durable; does not fade, do not lose its shape over many years;
- crisp and colorful images with standard print quality 1440 dpi;
- information content, readability, comfort for perception;
- well convey to visitors advertising information and allow you to find the desired place of sale;
- the ability to attract attention due to different sizes and manufacturing options.


Depending on the characteristics of outlets, customer, area and product specifications, displays drives can be floor, table or hanging. The height, weight, depth and number of shelves are also determined by the purpose of the display, the store parameters and the type of product. In the manufacture of these structures are used durable wear — resistant modern materials: plastic, metal, in some cases-tempered glass.